The roleplay ideas my boyfriend and I do in the bedroom

Updated: 10/13/2019

We love to get kinky in the bedroom and roleplaying is one of our favorite things to do. Dressing up, living out our fantasies, using props, using sex toys and using our imagination are just some of the ways that we live out these roleplay ideas.

I wanted to make a list that you can also follow and get inspiration from if you are looking to get involved in roleplay or even if you just need some ideas for your next sex session.

Take these ideas and make them your own, tweak them, play with them and learn from them but most importantly, enjoy them, my sexy little reader.

1). I’m a high-class escort/gigolo

Roleplaying being a high-class escort/gigolo is so much fun and one of the easier roleplays to act out. Meet your partner in a hotel or even just in your bedroom, dress up, request payment, ask them what they like and get up and take your money when they’re done.

Your aim is to please them and make them cum but it’s also a lot of fun to be overly enthusiastic and really take on the role of being a prostitute.

2). The threesome you’ll never forget

two girls with their arms around one man

You need to read my fake threesome guide and once you do you need to put the advice into practice. Learning how to simulate a threesome without a third-person is one of my favorite roleplay and fantasies to live out with my boyfriend and it’s so easy. If you’re short on time and can’t read my guide all you need to know is by your fake threesome will be the most magnificent thing to happen in the bedroom.

3). You own my body, do as you will

lady being arrested

Being completely submissive to your partner, letting them explore your body and do what they want without question.

Reversing dom and sub roles is a lot of fun and something me and my boyfriend do on a regular basis, although I do often go for the role of the sub. Check out these DIY bdsm ideas so that you can really make your dom/sub role to the next level.

4). One-night in heaven

cartoon male stripping for a woman

You’re a one-night stand, get yourself off, use them, then go.

Have fun, one of you can be the one who doesn’t give a s**t and the other has to seduce. Hook up in a club bathroom or even go back to their place and get up and leave as soon as you’re done.

If you do hook-up in a bathroom, go to a big bathroom, meet up, have quick hot sex like you’re trying to hide it from people. It’s thrilling.

5). You’re my boss, how can I get a raise

cartoons at office flirting

Roleplay that your partner is your boss and you are desperate for a raise, ask them what you can do to please them and what will get you that raise.

It’s fun to dress up like business people, do this in an office and send suggesting/dirty texts beforehand.

6). The Taxi man

cartoon taxi

Go for a drive, flirt with your boyfriend or girlfriend “the taxi driver” pay for your fair with your body. We got this inspiration from watching a porno where a taxi driver would pick up women and offer them a free ride for a ride.

It’s sexy and it’s so hot to tease your partner as you sit in the back of the car and then make them pull over to pleasure them and pay your way.

7). Animalistic, cave people sex

cartoon giving other cartoon oral sex

This roleplay involves diving deep into your imagination and bringing out your inner savage. Being a caveman/woman consists of rough, quick, animalistic sex where things are sweaty, crazy and rough.

8). Sex with a superhero or fiction based character


You can easily buy superhero/fiction character costumes online and in some stores so if f***ing superman or cat woman has been a fantasy of yours for some time, I recommend giving it a try.

9). Age play (You are old enough to be my dad)

younge cartoon and old cartoon

Roleplaying being two different people at two different ages. We like to pretend my boyfriend is my headmaster and I am the naughty schoolgirl but you can roleplay any scenario that turns you on. Get into the character by dressing up, doing research and letting your imagination run wild from within.

10). Dominant/Submissive

dominant stick figure with flogger

Play and explore the dominant/submissive roles. It can be fun to switch things up and dive deep into yourself and find you make an outstanding dominatrix. Check out my most used bondage kit.

11). Knight in shining armour & your princess

knight on a horse

Roleplay being a desperate princess who needs to be kept safe from intruders and other mystical realm creatures. For the knight keeping you safe, his reward is your body and you can thank him by any means necessary.

12). Who will you be this movie night?

famous person having picture taken

Pick two characters from a movie, dress up/act like them and go to town. It can be any movie, any movie you like just make sure you really get into character and become them for one night only.

13). Here’s your pizza miss.

pizza man

Very easy to do, have sex with you pizza delivery worker. Open the door in your favorite lingerie (My favorite BDSM lingerie) or in your boxers, invite them in for their tip and then send them back to work when you’re done. The bonus with this roleplay idea is that you can eat pizza afterwards.

14). You won’t tell my husband will you

girl cheating on man with another man

Playing a cheating housewife is one of my specialities. I like to roleplay with my boyfriend that he is my husbands best friend and both of us have to keep it a secret from him.

It’s so convincing I almost sometimes feel guilty when it’s all over!

15). You’re my first

couple in love

Pretending one of us is a fully fledged virgin is always fun. Acting like the experienced cougar or player who is going to take the others virginity is an easy roleplay, you will be surprised at how easy it is to get into character with this one.

16). But, you’re my dads best friend

cartoons having sex

A little kinky but obviously very fun if you’re into that. Sometimes we like to roleplay that my boyfriend is my dad’s best friend and one of us seduces the other. It’s incredibly sexy and always leaves us having amazing sex.

17). I am a Kitty

cartoons in doggy style

This one isn’t for everyone but hear me out. I love tail butt plugs and I have the best butt tail plug where I like to roleplay being a cat, fox and even sometimes a cute little bunny.

How To Actually Make These Roleplay Ideas Work

girl in sexy lingerie

Leave (start from scratch)

Pizza delivery boys don’t live inside, get your partner to go to the shops/go out for a walk, then when they come back start the fantasy off from there.

Same with all fantasies, don’t start while you’re in the same room, get dressed, separate and then be in character on return.

Dress the part

If you’re an escort, get a long trench coat with just your sexy underwear on.

If you’re a boss, dress smartly.

If you’re a secretary, tight pencil skirt, tight shirt, and sexy lingerie

Follow your kink

If your kink is to have sex with one of your dad’s friends or husbands friends, do that fantasy.

You should trust and be open with your partner and be able to mention this, everyone understands fantasies and hopefully, your partner wants to help you roleplay it out.

Do the MojoUpgrade test

It allows you to see what fantasies you and your partner both have whilst being anonymous and not actually having to admit to it. It shows you the fantasies you have in common and is a great way to find your next roleplay idea. Here’s the app being used on BuzzFeed:

roleplay ideas pinterest image


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  1. Hey everyone, my name’s evelyn and I would like to share a really good scenario if I could? My husband and I like to do many roleplay scenes however, our absolute favorite is called “fight night” where I (gently and safely) use my tae Kwon do skills to punch,kick and flip him around mercilously as he slowly ends up begging me to stop and, me being the nice person I am let him kiss my ballet shoes hahaha. The other one that’s really fun is “secret agent” where the both of us dress up and pretend to be on the lookout for one another and when we finally meet up and fight. Pretty cool to do in a public setting. There is just something that turns me on about punching,kicking and flipping a guy over and defeating him in hand to hand combat that turns me.on!! It’s our favorite and I really hope it works for all of you all.

  2. I am a former firefighter/emt and security officer. Still have my duty belt, weapons, cuffs, everything. Sometimes i don the uniform and belt and te wife absolutely loves it. Using the cuffs to lock her down and do absolutely whatever I please

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