• woman in fishnet stockings in pink lingerie

    I tried the Womanizer and I Had A Squirting Orgasm

    I had a rest from releasing articles and I’ve been spending my days living out my deepest fantasies and after a few crazy weekends I’m back with loads to tell and one thing that I tried in my break was the Womanizer! WOW, to say I came would be an understatement, let’s say squirting has never been so easy for me and I need to change my sheets. More

  • Woman in red lingerie laying on white bed

    The Time My Boyfriend Used Clitoral Clamps On Me

    I’m a little slut when it comes to trying new sex toys and after an intense weekend of BDSM my boyfriend pulled out some amazing clitoral clamps and tried them on me for the first time, this is the experience and a breakdown of the best clitoral clamps I’ve used since. More

  • girl laying on bed

    I had my first anal orgasm (it rocked my world)

    This is a story/guide on the first time I had an anal orgasm, now I have a tight butt hole, so it took me and my boyfriend sometime before I could fit his penis and in this I go into complete detail about how it felt, how my boyfriend gave me it and how I’ve worked anal orgasms into my sex life. This is a must-read for anyone who enjoys anal sex and wants to experience full body pleasure. More

  • woman in stockings laying on bed

    The Biggest and Best Anal Sex Toys

    If I’m a large queen then my friend Greg is the LARGE king, so I’ve handed this over to him and he’s going to show you the set of giant anal sex toys he swears by. This set of sex toys is a must see for anyone who loves large play and wants to see just how big toys and pleasure can get. More

  • sexy girl on bed

    The double ended dildo that will actually make you cum

    My bestie Lindsay is helping me out by writing about one of the best double ended dildos she’s ever used, it’s so good in fact she made our whole friend group buy one to try it. After seeing how amazing it is I had to have her on here to explain this amazing double ended pleasure stick. More

  • girl on bed

    I tried my first fisting sex toy

    I’m a massive fan of large pleasure, it’s the feeling of being filled, the sensation as I control my breathing as it enters me, the whole thing I’m in love with. So, I decided to share my love for one of the greatest fisting sex toys I’ve ever used and share my full experience. More

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