My Sex Toy Collection (the sex toys I use everyday)

Updated: 10/13/2019

I am a sex blogger, I like to talk about my favorite sex toys, I like to get in deep and personal with what works for me, how I use it and just about everything else when it comes to sex toys.

Today I wanted to share with you my sex toy collection, the sex toys that I use on a daily basis and are always on the top of my collection for me to grab whenever I get the urge.

In this article, I want to be blunt, straight to the point and helpful. All of the sex toys I talk about give me or my partner intense orgasms, make me feel amazing, work, are great quality and have made it on to this list because they don’t mess around and I want everyone to try them.

If you’re looking to start your sex toy collection, expand on your collection or even just have a peak of what’s inside mine, this article is for you.

The Sex Toy Collection of a Sex Blogger

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Enjoy, Jess 😘

It’s no secret that I have a high sex drive and thankfully on an almost daily basis, I get to test out sex toys and then talk about them for the world to see.

The sex toys below are the sex toys that stick out to me the most amongst the hundreds of sex toys I own and have used. I reach for these sex toys most of the time and time and time again they prove themselves to me by making me experience powerful orgasms without a hitch whenever I want.

Anything you buy on this list is freaking amazing

On all these toys go into detail about how you use them, why they’re the best and give a short story and tell them to go here/there for the full story.

Magic Wand Vibrator My Dreams Are Made Of (best sex toy ever)

This my , I talk about this vibrator a lot on my blog. The vibrations are so powerful and every time I use it I find myself being able to cum again and again without stopping. The head of the vibrator emits powerful vibrators across your entire vagina but your clit is what gets spoiled with this sex toy.

Read more about my experiences by reading my article I tried the best massage wand vibrator.

Not only do I love using it alone but I also love when my boyfriend uses this massage wand on me and drives me wild by not letting me orgasm, making me cum again and again and teasing me with the vibrations.

It also doubles as an actual massager but I can never keep it off my clit for long enough to test the massage side of it out.

Bullet Vibrator That Lives In My Purse

I am not kidding when I say that I take this with me everywhere. It’s small but it’s so powerful, easy to hide, discreet enough to put in any purse and feels amazing during sex and when I am using it alone.

I like to also slide inside of my underwear and leave the vibrations on, I once did this on a plane flight with my boyfriend and that was very interesting.

My boyfriend loves to hold the bullet vibrator on my clit during foreplay and during sex when we are in the right position. The powerful vibrations make me cum every single time.

It may look simple but it’s one of the best bullet vibrators out there and something I reach for all of the time.

You can read more about my experiences with this bullet by reading this article.

The Rabbit Vibrator That Gives Me Multiple Orgasms

This is there for me when I need something to really fill me up and give me intense blended orgasms.

It has 3 speeds and 7 patterns that feel divine when they are inside of you. I like to use this rabbit vibrator in the bath/shower as it’s waterproof and makes shower time a lot more interesting.

I love using this rabbit vibrator, it’s filling, makes me cum via my G-spot and clitoris and leaves me feeling incredible.

This BDSM Kit Turned Me Intro A little Whore

Not only is this 6-piece incredible value for money, it also contains some of my favorite sex accessories.

It comes with ankle cuffs, wrist cuffs, a ball gag, flogger, bondage strap and a blindfold. There’s enough in this BDSM kit to keep you satisfied for hours and its a gentle push into the kinky world of bondage.

The wrist and ankle cuffs are strong and keep you secure whilst the flogger keeps me on the edge with its sharp spanks and tingles it provides.

I love BDSM and I love getting kinky so if you want some DIY bdsm ideas I recommend checking that out.

If You Like Large Toys This Will Blow-Your-Mind!

This large is always at the top of my pile and a sex toy that I reach for when I am desperate for something to just fill me up.

If you read my blog you will know I am a fan of large anal sex toys and this large dildo is always in my hand. It has a clitoral stimulator for external pleasure and the internal dildo feels amazing as it vibrates against my g-spot.

It’s easy to use with the twist base and with its multispeed of vibrations you can, in fact, achieve a blended orgasm.

If, like me, you enjoy large sex toys (review of this vibrator), clitoral and G-spot stimulation you are going to be bowled over by how incredible this large sex toy is.

Vibrating Underwear That Made Me Orgasm In Public

I reach for this sex toy a lot. I have included it in so many of my articles because I want women everywhere to try out clitoral stimulation in public and in the bedroom. The luxury vibrating underwear has 8 speeds and 12 patterns so you can enjoy lots of different kinds of stimulation.

The sex toy comes with a pair of gorgeous panties that nestle the vibrator easily inside. The vibrations are controlled via the remote control that is easy to use and will work from up to 8 meters away, which is ideal for outdoor use.

I wrote an article all about the first time I used this pair of vibrating underwear. and the first time I had a hands-free orgasm.

Love Egg That Makes Me Cum HARD (cheap + expensive)

This is the cheaper that I sometimes I use, it is small but intense. You can use it for clitoral stimulation or slip it inside of you and enjoy g-spot stimulation and other internal pleasures. It’s easy to use, cheap and does its job as an amazing inexpensive little love egg.

The Best Luxury Remote Control Love Egg

However, I upgraded to this more expensive , it’s better, but if you are on a budget or just trying things out, the cheaper one will do just fine.

This luxury love egg has 8 modes of vibration with 12 different patterns, it’s waterproof and the remote works from up to 8 meters away so you can enjoy this love egg wherever you may dare.

This Adds 3 Inches Onto My Boyfriends Penis

This adds 1 to 3 extra inches onto your penis with absolutely no effort. It’s larger than it appears on the photograph, it adds a great amount of girth and length to the penis and is ideal if you want to simulate some new fantasies, try something bigger or even if you suffer from premature ejaculation. This is what happened when my boyfriend tried a penis extender.

Just make sure to use lots of lube with this penis extender as it is large and it will help to make it feel more comfortable.

It’s made from a clear material so you can see your penis inside of it and it gives you an idea of how much length you are adding on. My boyfriend and I like to use this penis extender when we are simulating threesomes and roleplaying new and different scenarios, it feels like having a different cock inside of me!

The Weekend Surprise Sex Toy Kit 😍

I love this 11 piece , it comes with absolutely everything you need to get started. It doesn’t matter if you’re a sex toy novice or an avid user, the value for money in this couples sex toy kit is incredible.

There is so much to use inside this kit that you can try so many new things and experiment with new things whenever you feel like it.

Inside you get 11 different sex toys: g-spot vibrator, vibrating rabbit ears, 3 cock rings, butt plug, anal beads, rabbit vibrator, male stroker, jiggle balls and a cock ring. It’s amazing value for money as I mentioned in this article.

Why All Women/Men Deserve A Good Sex Toy

Having a good sex toy that you come back to constantly should be a staple in everyone’s lives, it doesn’t matter if you have a partner or if you don’t have a partner.

Knowing you can orgasm on tap, knowing your sex toy will never let you down and knowing your partner can use your sex toy with you is a satisfying feeling and one every person should know and feel.

I use sex toys all the time and above are my favorites, luckily my boyfriend is incredibly open and enjoys using my sex toys with me but if either of us ever needs some alone time it isn’t unusual to take our favorite sex toys with us and explore our own bodies.

Having an orgasm is a stress reliever, releases endorphins and keeps us happy so having a good sex toy that you trust and love is a definite must for everyone. You may kiss a few frogs before you find the one that works best for you but there’s definitely no downside to trying out sex toys.

The Power of having a good, full-body orgasm


The power of having a great orgasm can give you is worth every penny that you spend on your sex toy. It relaxes you, it’s one of the best anti-stressers, if you are using your sex toy with your partner it’s an ideal way to bond and spends some time together and it’s actually incredibly healthy to orgasm.

We need to get our priorities straight ($50 on Dominos takeout, yet you have no sex toy)

stack of cartoon money

If you have nothing in your sex toy collection but thinking nothing of blowing 50 bucks on junk food, you don’t have your priorities in order. Yes, food is wonderful but a mind-blowing orgasm is better, especially if you are just buying your takeout for the sake of it.

 Makes Sex WAY Hotter

cartoon in sex position

Using sex toys with your partner makes sex way hotter, way kinkier and way sexier. All of the sex toys above I use with my boyfriend in one way or another and by using my favorite sex toys above make these three things happen:

  • My boyfriend and I have way more sex
  • I orgasm much more
  • Our sex is far more orgasmic for both of us

You don’t have to use a sex toy every single time you have sex but it really allows you both to explore fantasies, kinks and more parts of yourself that you never knew existed before.

You Learn How To Orgasm

how to orgasm guide

Multiple orgasms, g-spot, a-spot, clitoral, you name it, sex toys can teach you how to orgasm in different ways and then you can practice that in normal vanilla sex. They allow you to learn your body and experience what you like with ease.

Opens The World Of Role Play

cartoons role playing

Using sex toys actually opens the world of roleplay as it allows you to experiment with new ideas and unlock new fantasies that you may not have been able to try out before.

The sorts of things that you can roleplay and the secret to long-term happy sex is being able to role play…

Threesome simulating.

…Changing the way your boyfriend’s penis feels (penis extender)

…Being submissive/dominant using BDSM and bondage  (must-try)

Sex toys open up new worlds and make it so much hotter and easier to fulfil your ideas and fantasies.

Questions I Get About Sex Toys

sex toy questions

Do they ruin your vaginas sensitivity? 

Sex toys do not ruin your vagina or the sensitivity you feel from tongue or finger stimulation. At the very worst don’t use your sex toy for a few days before not using a sex toy to get maximum sensitivity but in all my years of using sex toys daily, I have never found my clitoris to be any less sensitive to my bare touch.

Does your boyfriend mind you using sex toys?

Absolutely not! My boyfriend loves it when we use sex toys. If I was secretive about my sex toys or if I was only using them and not involving him then he may have an issue but if we are both involved, have regular sex and both get pleasure from it then there is absolutely no problem from either of us when the other is using sex toys.

How do you get your boyfriend to use sex toys?

Luckily my boyfriend is incredibly open-minded and loves using sex toys just like me but if he wasn’t then I would just talk to him and ask him if he would be open to trying something and introduce the idea calmly and by letting him know what it would do to me. No matter what start off using any sex toy slowly and with lots of lube.

How do you clean your sex toys?

Check the packaging instructions but I will usually clean my sex toys in warm, non-scented soapy water or by using . Just ensure whatever you use is safe to do with your sex toys as it can affect their performance.

What does the delivery box of sex toys look like?

If you buy from the same store as me (all products send you there) they all come delivered in a plain brown box with just your address on. On your bank statement, it shows up as something non-descriptive as does the return label.

This store is really discreet with their shipping and ensures your privacy is and discretion is a top priority.

How do you hide your sex toys?

I like to keep my sex toy inside a or inside a bag inside my wardrobe. Hiding sex toys in places that nobody would look is key.

You can also hide your sex toys in a shoebox, beneath your bed, inside a boring drawer in your home and beneath a stack of clothes. Just get creative if you have snooping roommates or family members!

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