The sexiest jeweled butt plug I own

Updated: 10/08/2019

I love butt play, I love all kinds of butt stimulation and also it’s worth mentioning that my boyfriend really gets off on it. He loves seeing me getting pleasure from playing with my butt, it’s enough to make him rock hard and want to ravage me.

Wearing a butt plug during sex is a normal thing for me, mainly because it feels so good for me but secondly because my boyfriend just loves seeing me with a butt plug in. I recently wrote this article about my favorite butt tail plugs and how wild they drive my boyfriend.

So when I stumbled across the jeweled butt plug below I just knew I had to have it as it was going to drive him crazy. I have used all sorts of different butt plugs but a jeweled one was something that was new to me but it was too sexy to go unnoticed.

It made me feel like a sex princess.

The Best Jeweled Butt Plug ūüėć

Let me introduce you to this beautiful 2.5-inch . It’s a perfect shape and size for most butt play lovers and looks incredible when it’s in.

The tapered tip allows for easy insertion and the smooth material (aluminum) ensures temperature play for even more added pleasure.

The jewel looks so visually pleasing as it pokes out and makes me feel amazing when I wear it in the bedroom and around the house. My boyfriend LOVES it and always makes me put it in.

Just make sure to use plenty of water-based anal lube to ensure maximum comfort and to stop any friction. I wrote a whole article about testing out my favorite anal lube, so if you’re looking for a recommendation make sure to check that out.

Why is this butt plug the best?

  • The weight (quality) – The quality and feel of this butt plug is incredible, it feels expensive.
  • The way it feels inside me is outstanding, the insertable length is just enough to give me a satisfying ‘full’ feeling.
  • The jewel makes my butt look AMAZING (My boyfriend loves it)
  • I love metal sex toys (easy to clean, body safe, feel incredible, temperature play)

The reviews (people love it):

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jeweled butt plug review

The Night I Used This Jeweled Butt Plug

I wanted to surprise my boyfriend when using this jeweled butt plug, I wanted him to not know anything about it and then get a sexy surprise when I inserted it. I mentioned before how much butt play turns him no so this was going to be the perfect little surprise.

I applied lots of lube to the butt plug, slipped it in before he came into the bedroom and then bent down on all fours and just let him look at me.

Having the jewelled butt plug inside my ass made me feel like a kinky princess and I knew it looked good because I felt good and because my boyfriend became incredibly horny and couldn’t keep his hands off me but made sure to keep me on all fours so he could keep looking at my ass and this cute little-jewelled butt plug.

It sounds silly to say now but it actually made me feel quite classy wearing it, even more so when I wanted to wear it out for dinner. I didn’t wear any underwear and made sure to keep flashing my butt as my boyfriend whenever I could so that he could keep getting glimpses of the pretty jewel that was peaking out. It’s safe to say that our dinner didn’t last long because he just wanted to take me home whenever he remembered what I was wearing under my little dress.

It’s no secret that I love double stimulation so when he thrust inside of me the pleasure for me was incredible, it felt so amazing. I just love having both holes filled and can’t stress enough that everyone must try it if you haven’t already.

My boyfriend also loves it when I am wearing my butt plug as he can actually feel it on his cock and it gives him so added stimulation, which is always an added bonus with a sex toy that is meant for one.

Having my boyfriend so thrilled with my ass and enjoying every aspect of this jeweled butt plug made me really feel good and enforced within me what I already knew – that this butt plug is awesome and delivers amazing stimulation and looks so cute when it’s in.

Questions I Get About Butt Plugs

I thought I would answer some of the most frequent questions I see and get about butt plugs, I answered some of these in my article all about my favorite large anal sex toys.

What do butt plugs feel like?

cartoon with hot underwear

Butt plugs are really easy to insert (in general) and feel like a having a satisfying filling sensation in your butt. If you are a male they feel AMAZING as they push against your P-spot and for women they feel wonderful if you like to simulate the sensation of double penetration or if you just enjoy butt play and butt stimulation.

Does it make you more comfortable during sex?

cartoon having sexual intercourse

If you’re a little shy about having your butt hole on full¬†show, a jeweled butt plug can make you feel more comfortable as a little jewel is always going to look cute.

It’s also really hot for the person you are having sex with and looks amazing for them but I think the answer to this question all comes down to preferences and what you prefer.

Can a butt plug get stuck?

butt plug stuck inside someone

No, butt plugs that have a flared base can’t ride up inside of you so you don’t need to worry about them getting stuck. If you do feel like you can’t get it out, just squat on the floor, relax and un-tense your butt and you will find any sex toy will almost instantly begin to release. But I have never ever had a sex toy get stuck.

How do you keep your butt plug clean?

cleaning a butt plug with spray

Make sure you wash your butt plug with warm water after every use and dry it properly. This goes for any sex toy.

What lube do you use with your butt plug?

anal lube

You need to reapply lube to your butt plug if it’s in for a long time (like when I went out with it in) to stop the lube from drying out completely and stopping any friction.

This is , it’s really thick and silky and goes ideally with any butt sex toys.

Is this jeweled butt plug for beginners?

beginner friendly butt plug

Yes! It’s perfect as it’s only 3 inches in length and the tapered tip makes for easy insertion. It’s also non-intimidating and is a nice comfortable and snug fit.¬† However, if you’re still unsure this is the best vibrating butt plug I EVER used.

Is there a jeweled butt plug for more experienced people?

large butt plug

My butt plug is fine for more experienced people but if you want something a little larger this is the butt plug I am going to be trying next. Read this article and check out my favorite large anal sex toys.

jeweled butt plug pinterest image

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