Best Sex Toys For Couples

Myself and my boyfriend can always get KINKY, we have been together for a few years now so we know what we both like and we are aware of each other’s boundaries. However, it has taken some getting used to and it has taken time and patience to learn and that’s why we are confident that our sex toys will work for most couples, kinky or not.

I have sat down with my boyfriend and compiled a list of our most used sex toys that would be perfect for most couples like us. I buy all of my sex toys from , the service is always great and something I really appreciate is the discreet packaging!

We had a lot of fun making this list and we also had to try out some of the sex toys again and again just to make sure they were exactly right for this list, which is something him nor me complained about.

Whether you are trying to spice up your sex life, looking to try and experiment something new or even are just curious about sex toys you should use with your partner, my list will help you.

I also wanted to mention that if you’re into erotica and reading sex stories I actually have my own book that is filled with some of my most memorable sexual moments. You can read my book here.

My Favorite Couple Sex Toys

The first sex toy that every single woman, man and couple need to try out is  it has given me some of the best orgasms I have ever had in my entire life. It may look small and simple but it is so effective and powerful, which makes it a little gem when travelling as it’s also discreet and small enough to conceal.

I even made a whole article about it because I thought it was just that good and that share-worthy (You can read that article here: I used the best bullet vibrator)

It has so many incredible reviews (you can read these by clicking one of the links above) it’s small enough to slip into your pocket and it delivers breathtaking orgasms.

I use this as my partner puts his *cock* in me or I run it along his shaft and balls, it is incredible.

The reason myself and my boyfriend love is because you get so much variety for the price. When we first bought this we had great fun just testing everything out and seeing what we loved and what we could do with it.

You get 11 different pieces inside this couples sex toy kit and everything is different so every day can be different if you want it to be.

What You Get Inside:

  • 3 cock rings (all varying in size, feels great for him and gives me a better erection)
  • A vibrator that tickles your clitoris and left me breathless
  • A male masturbator shaped like a pussy
  • A G-spot vibrator that actually works and actually penetrates your G-spot and feels incredible
  • A cock ring with a built-in vibrator, this takes some getting used to but once angled properly you can try out mutual orgasms
  • A dido that vibrates, has incredible length and girth
  • Jiggle balls, I wore these when I went to the supermarket and when I pulled them out I was SOAKING
  • Anal beads that vary in length and are a great taster into anal play
  • Finally, a  butt plug. I use this virtually every time we have sex because I love having two holes filled

If you have never tried a I am sorry to say you have NOT lived. If you take anything from this couples sex toy list, let it be a magic wand vibrator, they changed the way I orgasm.

Just be aware that they are so popular and they do run out of stock quite quickly so if they are available make sure to act quickly and buy one so that you don’t miss out before it runs out of stock again.

The vibrations that wand vibrators let off are just spectacular, I constantly have eruptive, intense orgasms with this wand vibrator (and the others in my collection!).

I wrote about this wand vibrator in this article: I tried the best magic wand vibrator

The way it can bend and caress your clitoris is something every woman on this planet needs to try out. You will not be disappointed.

You can also use it with your partner by having them use it on you and using it on them! It also doubles as an actual massager but nobody can resist the vibrations, trust me.

When we first bought this I thought it was going to be a bit of a joke product and one that we would have fun with for a few hours one afternoon but how wrong I was.

It’s really easy to use, you just mix up the powder, insert his penis, wait, slip in the vibrator and wait for it to set for 24 hours and once it’s dry you have a vibrating dildo that is the exact replica of your partner’s (or your!) penis.

It’s a lot of fun for couples that spend time away from one another or just kinky couples like us who love things like this.

We do use our vibrating dildo and I must say the ridges and veins came out amazingly well, it is a twin of my boyfriend’s penis, except this one vibrates.

This  is filled to the brim with sex toys that are perfect for couples looking to get a little bit kinkier. Whether you are an advanced bondage lover or just starting out, this 50 shades of grey sex toy kit will give you serious Anastasia and Christian Grey vibes.

Complete with bondage rope, bondage tape, a bullet vibrator, a spanking paddle, blindfold, vibrating butt plug and cock ring. These bondage sex toys are great quality and make for some seriously fun rainy afternoons.

I love the fifty shades of grey movies (I know I may stand alone) and being able to act out some of my sexiest fantasies from the comfort of my own bedroom has been a huge turn-on for us both.

This is , It may not be for every couple but I have some seriously kinky fantasies that have been made 10x better by this penis extender.

I did actually mention it in this article: If you want to read about my other favorite penis extenders.

Fulfilling fantasies is so much easier when they feel a little more believable, its also for couples who want to experience something a little bigger down there and for couples who do suffer from premature ejaculation as this takes away some of the more intense sensations.

One of the ultimate couple sex toys is . Roll it down the penis, it doesn’t hurt at all thanks to the stretchy material and switch on the vibrations with the easy push button.

The vibrations ripple down the penis giving him extra stimulation and the bunny ears ripple through your clitoris and vagina, making sex feel 10x better.

The actual cock ring gives him a stronger erection, the vibrations make both of you shiver with excitement and the bunny ears make it so you can orgasm in tune with one another.

Cock rings are one of the most popular couple sex toys because they are non-intimidating, are intimate and include you both at the same time.

This isn’t just for every couple out there. It’s couples who are looking to experiment a little bit more and try something a little bit new.

The harness fits a wide range of sizes and the two dildos are ideal for beginners, they are smooth but still realistic to the touch thanks to their heads, shafts and veins.

I found these two dildos were really easily interchangeable so whether you’re looking for anal or vaginal sex, they are easy to use.

We don’t use this strap-on kit all of the time but when we are feeling kinky and looking to try something a little of out my boyfriends comfort zone this is one of our go-to couple sex toys.

Read all about what happened when I tried pegging my boyfriend.

We bought because I find them to be great value for money, you get so many different things to play with for a fraction of the price.

This kit is different to the one I showed at the start, this is the vibrating sex toy kit so it is geared more towards the female but the toys can still be incorporated into the couples sex life (well, we did it anyway!)

The wearable rabbit vibrator has to be one of my favorite sex toys out of this kit, it easily slips around your waist (I promise it stretches) and vibrates against your clitoris. You can either take the remote or give it to your partner and the thrills and spills that come from this sex toy are memorable too, say the least.

We also have two vibrating dildos, including the famous Jessica rabbit that is well-known in its own right and extremely loved, especially by my pussy.  Aside from all of that they have even thrown in a rabbit vibrator similar to the one in the other couples sex toy kit and that is outstanding.

Using A Couples Sex Toy (The Correct Way)

You’ve picked your toy, now it’s time to use it.

1. Get in the mood by lighting candles, having a glass of wine and getting your toys ready

creating a sexy moment

2. Doing something that turns you on (foreplay, heavy petting, erotica…)


3. Lube up and grab your favorite sex toy and start the vibrations!

a vibrator and a cartoon vagina

Why I Love Trying New Sex Toys

I’ve had sex hundreds, probably thousands of times and even though I still love vanilla sex, there’s something about trying something new that gets me excited.

Me and my boyfriend have become addicted to testing new sex toys each month, it gave our sex life a new lease of life.

I’ve had some of the best orgasms of my life, he’s cum harder and more frequent than ever before and our relationship is far stronger.

How I Made These Sex Toys More Orgasmic

You can always make sex better with these three quick bits of advice:

  • Use The Toys You Buy

If you get a sex toy kit to try and use all of the sex toys in it.

I used to try one vibrator and then just stick with it, forget the others and let them collect dust.

Now I make an effort to try each toy, at first I left the anal toys, but now even them I’ve fallen in love with.

Just take your time, try them alone (if that’s an option) and don’t be scared to incorporate them into your sex.

  • Tell Your Partner What You Want

You should never be scared to ask your partner to try something in the bedroom and you should never make your partner feel scared.

The more open and respectful of each other fantasies you are, the better your sex will be.

I tell my partner that I want him to cum inside me, I tell him that I want him to get a large vibrator and thrust it in to me and I beg him to fuck me while he’s teasing me.

Just start and trust me the more open you become the easier it is to get what you want in the bedroom.

  • Get Kinky

Don’t be scared, to let your hair down and give him a blowjob.

I used to worry so much about what he would think or if I was doing it right, now I just go for it.

My boyfriends the same, he pins me down, pulls my underwear off and then eats me out like I’m dessert.

If you have a kink, GO FOR IT.

woman taking off black sheer panties

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