I’m going to keep this short and sweet.

I’m a mid-twenties girl, who loves fitness, tea and sex.

I’ve created a blog that’s all about my true erotic stories, some with sex toys, some BDSM and even some based on threesomes and open relationships that I’ve had.

I’m not your usual sexed-up confident extroverted girl, I’m shy, love watching Netflix in my PJs, like spending time alone and I live for making myself and others cum.

I have a really high sex drive, spend most the day wet fantasizing about my boyfriend, men I’ve slept with before or an Erika Lust adult video.

I’m going to be adding more pictures and provocative videos of myself to the blog (as there’s only a few), just need to get time to take them.

I like to keep everything as real as possible, all the products I use are brought by me, nothing is given and it’s all my true opinions and advice.

Have a beautiful day and if you have any ideas for content then let me know 😉 xxxx